What if magnificent spaces were no longer ours to roam? Join the movement to save #OurWild from privatization.

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#OurWild is a movement to protect national parks, forests, deserts, and wildlife refuges.

As an American you own 670 million acres of wildlands.

19 states are trying to sell these lands to the highest bidder.

Don’t let them disappear. Pledge to keep it #OurWild by spreading the word.


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Tell your representatives to fight for #OurWild.

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Tell Congress not to sell #OurWild to the highest bidder.


Help The Wilderness Society protect the places you love.

The Wilderness Society protects the places you care about. We are 143 people spread across the US who passionately believe that public lands are the best expression of what it is to be an American. Since 1935, we’ve led the effort to protect 109 million acres of wilderness, garnering more than 700,000 supporters along the way.